Nutrition and dietary therapy

„Your food should be your remedies and your remedies should be your food. “
This quote is assigned to Hippocrates

Eating is not only important for getting full, but can also be used for therapeutic purposes and to prevent diseases. Chinese dietetics is a proven system that is used as a healing method.

The Chinese dietary therapy like acupuncture, is based on the principles of Chinese medicine and  has a long tradition in China. Nutrition is one of the three main sources of energy of the body. The quality and the quantity of the food energy – called “gu qi” in Chinese – depend on the type of food that is used.
In Chinese Medicine, nutrition is adjusted individually to every person. It can help  to overcome existing illnesses or help to prevent future disease. In the selection of foods, seasons, environment and circumstances are taken into account.
Depending on the disorders it can be helpful to use certain drinks or foods more or rather avoid others.
All foods are classified in terms of their effect in the body for example according to their abilities to influence body temperature as cold, cool, neutral, warm and hot.
Also the 5 flavours –  sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty –  are used therapeutically to moisten, dry, strengthen or to purge. The flavours have a direct and strengthening influence on their associated organs.
Chinese dietetics can be combined quite effectively with other therapeutic methods of Chinese Medicine as for example acupuncture.