Japanese healing massage

The origin of Shiatsu
Shiatsu is a form of bodywork that, in its present form, did not develop in Japan until the beginning of the 20th century. The roots are, however, in the millennia-old Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and in various classical Japanese healing massages.
Shiatsu is by its nature a prophylactic method. It was designed to detect and prevent early disturbances in the flow of energy before they lead to disease.

Ki – the life energy
According to the traditional Eastern conception, the driving force of all life is the universal life force, which is called „ki“ in Japanese. Through a branched network of energy channels (meridians) in our body, Ki flows to all parts and organs of the body. When the energy flows harmoniously, all life functions can respond flexibly and evenly to the demands of everyday life – there is physical and mental balance.
Through special mental and physical stress, stress, environmental influences and unbalanced diet, the Ki flow can get out of balance and thus lead to discomfort or permanent disease. Blockages in the flow of energy are shown, for example, as tensions, as painful and stiff areas in the body or in emotional moods.

The treatment
Shiatsu means translated „finger pressure“. Gentle, yet deep-acting pressure is exerted on the meridians with hands and thumbs, promoting and harmonizing the flow of energy. The  meridians are directly accessible by touch.
Shiatsu is supposed to stimulate the self-healing powers, which often leads to the disappearance of everyday complaints. Alone the atmosphere can achieve relaxation and a „come to rest“ and provide the opportunity to gather new strength. The harmonization of energies through Shiatsu can in principle affect all areas of life. Shiatsu can lead to more awareness of oneself and thus to a healthier lifestyle.
Shiatsu is practiced on the clothed body, mainly lying down on a mat on the floor.

Shiatsu in pregnancy
In pregnancy, significant changes take place, both physical and mental.
Shiatsu can enhance well-being and help maintain energy flow. The changed physical conditions are taken into account in the individual treatments.
Pregnancy symptoms such as neck and back pain, sciatic discomfort and morning sickness can be prevented or relieved.
The treatment can also have a direct positive effect on the child because the mother nourishes the child not only on the physical, but also on the emotional level.